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Bob Eckert

In the process above, John, there is decision making 6 times, including a raft of tools to help you do so. We just call it convergence. But it's deciding.

Bob Eckert

The nice thing about CPS, John is that it is equally weighted on both the generative and the deciding sides. It seems true what you say, though that most people only want to focus on the divergent side. While the quality of the divergence will effect anything downstream, it's also wise to have good convergent/deciding mechanisms in place. From the simple "dot-voting", to the less political "read-it-write-it-stick-it" method, to tools like "evaluation matrix" or "paired comparison analysis". It seems most people are not as interested. And of course there are great IT enabled tools like "predictive markets" and "crowd-sourced convergence". Look for more on convergence in future posts!

John Prpich

Interesting article and approach. What I find fascinating is that we've invested a great deal of time in finding the best problem solving solutions and processes, yet, never invested any energy on completing the cycle, decision making. What does it matter if you come up with solutions but don't have a process to asses which solution is best. No one ever talks about decision making, and I only know one person that teaches a process that can be used by the average professional.

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