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it ain't easy being green.

Look at the looks we are getting just by leaving our alligator shoes at home.


I asked you if you had to go before we left the house...now you have to hold it until the next stop.


1) Sure, you believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but you are shocked to see us?

2) They blocked the sewer at 5th & Vine so we are just taking a quick detour. Sorry about the odor.

Brooke Musterman

I was so stressed, I didn't know whether to fight or to flee. But then I read Brooke Musterman's fantastic book, Reptiles on Caffeine, http://www.amazon.com/Reptiles-Caffeine-Brooke-Musterman/dp/1886057176/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317329914&sr=8-1 & totally got a handle on my stress responses...b

Gator flusher

Gee, Sam, you're right! This is nicer than traveling by sewer (even if it doesn't quite smell as nice).


When we get to my stop, sometimes I get so nervous that I freeze instead of flee the bus!


Gator 1: "What the...hey, this isn't the Subway with the $5 sandwich deal."

Gator 2: "I guess not, but there are some tasty-looking humans over there!"


Why is everyone staring? Do I have zebra in my teeth?

Steve C.

I really hate this commute, can seem to keep my gator brain under control. How about you Fred? Me either, I think we need a refresher class.


Talk about stereotyping! I'm pretty sure that lady over there has us already designed into a pump.


Uh... trick or treat?

The Greaseman

Are you thinking flight...or fight?


Are we on the right train?

I'm not sure, are we?

If we are, we're scaring the hell out of the lady across from us and the guy to my right looks like he wants to make a wallet out of me.


Have your heard about New & Improved's gator brain? What's up with that?

Gator fan

So what's so wrong with freeze, fight or flee?

Gator Tamer

I'm tired of this unemployment thing. No one seems to want to hire us anymore. Maybe we should run for congress.

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