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San Antonio House Cleaning

That was a nice story - and nice strategy by the principal to keep the students from making lipstick prints on the mirror. :)

Venisse Quellette

The girls will remember this lesson very well! It's kind of betraying the girls, but it teaches them discipline. It is also helpful for the custodian. Sometimes our helpers need a little bit of help, too.

Account Deleted

I live in Brazil and have heard this story before! I think it´s a urban legend, though it´s a good example!! I liked the way they handled the problem !!

Good Job guys !!


Jack Hipple

This story illustrates the use of the TRIZ principle of using resources that are readily available and not obvious. Toilet water is already there and though normally thought of as a "negative"--in this case is a positive. If one were to look at this problem this way, you would go inside the restroom and look around and see what is usable. Not only the toilet water, but also the vanity and fear of the girls in the restroom--emotions and feelings are resources as well. This reminds me also of another example of the use of vanity. Overcoming impatience with long elevator waits is solved in some buildings through the installation of mirrors on the walls near the elevators.


I enjoy the "elegance" of this solution.
And I wonder what would have happened over time if they just left the lip prints on the mirror? Would the girls eventually just stop?


Interesting take on Aikido! Based on my very rudimentary understanding of Aikido, it seems like it is definitely re-directing the force of the attacker (lip-printers) against them. In this case, it's the revulsion of the attackers that get them to stop doing what the principal (defender) doesn't want them to do!


It is simply brilliant. I must remember to use it as an example when lipstick starts showing up on my mirror.

Another lesson? Maybe the "Aikido" approach of this solution. Rather than a head-on confrontation or battle, this response flows with the energy of the attack (lip marks on mirrors) and uses that force to solve the problem. It's a bit more efficient, and evidently, effective...

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