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I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff.
I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

Bob Eckert

I think you describe the first creative challenge of this overall process, Michael.

It will be to scope the challenge, to define the problem, in a way that leads to appropriate solutions. In Creative Problem Solving (CPS) language, it seems the Goal / Wish / Challenge of WIC (for 2010)is clear but perhaps unstated. Something like: "It would be great if we were not adversly effected by global climate change." The logical next CPS step is to "Gather Data" and fully understand what can be understood about this issue. Only then do you "Clarify the Problem(s)" that you will generate ideas to solve.
My bet is that the winning team will end up applying just as much (if not more) rigor to these first three steps as they do to the following three: "Generate Ideas" "Strengthen Ideas" and "Plan for Action"
At least that's my hope.


The stated goal of World Innovation Challenge is to, "compete by coming up with new ways to positively impact climate change--particularly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions". This statement confuses the problem (positively impact climate change) with a solution (reducing greenhouse gas emissions). It may not be possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions enough, or fast enough, to have any impact on the environment. However, there are creative ideas for reducing the earth's temperature. The open question is: "what is the best climate for the earth". If we don't know that - how can we "positively impact climate change"?

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