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Victoria Cliche


I was so psyched to see the Cube on TV that we stopped at the first dealer we saw who had one. The disappointment is it is an optical illusion as they really can't (or didn't) wrap around to create more visibility. As you know, there is a corner structure that interrupts the window.

The car is spacious and fun - if you like shag on the dash and bungy cords to hold your parking slips or the ability to change the color of interior lights. It is not too expensive but isn't hip enough in the green space to make it compelling.

A great step on the way to more innovation but I think it falls short!

Tim Dunne

WHy is it asymmetrical I wonder. Is there a reduced blind spot in an important place.

Shane Sasnow

Totally cool. I think it is innovative because it is taking something that already exists and applying practical creativity to it to make it better. Does it make it better? Is there a safety issue that this helps with (blind side?) or is it just aesthetic?

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