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Bob & his Evil Twin

I remember from back in my therapist training days, studying the work of Jean Piaget, a Swiss Psychologist. He had these 4 stages of development, the last two of which were:
Concrete Operational which shows up between 7&11 typically. He said 50% of the adult population never really gets past this stage which shows evidence for organized, logical thought. There is the ability to perform multiple classification tasks, order objects in a logical sequence, and comprehend the principle of conservation. thinking becomes less transductive and less egocentric. The child is capable of concrete problem-solving.

The next stage, showing up between 11 & 15, is evident in 50% of adults. (And required to do what we are talking about in this thread) is "Formal Reasoning, and is characterized in part by the ability to generate abstract propositions, multiple hypotheses and their possible outcomes.


Of course, there are viewpoints on learning & development that are different than Piaget's, notably Vygotsky's concept of getting people into the "Zone of Proximal Development"
Another short (2 Minutes) video:

IWWMW develop more formal reasoning skills in our population?

Bob & his Evil Twin

You nail the fundamental issue, Cheryl. Somehow, we have to re-engage people in being able to hold opposing ideas in their head at the same time. To be willing to live inside the polarity, at least for a while. I'm struck by watching my daughter be randomly assigned to a school debate on gay rights as a way of developing this skill of holding multiple (disparate) views at once. Unfortunately, she ended up with the position she agreed with, but at least needed to be able to understand the logic of the opposing view to argue her own.
Might debate create an improvement in this skill?

Cheryl Nee-G.

This is a great exercise for exploring dialogue too. Listening to the argument of the position I don't agree with definitely unleashed my gator brain. I immediately wanted to attack each point rather than listen let alone reframe issues into IWWMW questions. This pointed out to me how challenging it is to have a productive dialogue when I already "know" the answers, or at least my position. There is a greater opportunity for understanding what's really "bugging" the other position if I stop and ask question rather than fly into combat mode.

IWWMW engage in real dialogue about controversial issues?
IWWMW over come fear of loosing our "position"?

Bob & his Evil Twin

How to make consumption Appropriate?
H2 share our toys better?
How might we dig deeper into the earths crust?
HM we find additional resources?
What might be all of the ways to create 100% recyclable products?
WMBAT ways to not have to replace the ENTIRE computer?
In what ways might we get people to consume more?
IWWMW get people to consume less?

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