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I like what you're saying. Based on many of my conversations on DT vs CPS, I'm convinced that the main differences are in the primary purpose of the technique. CPS is designed to be a broad process that applies across industries, challenges, perspectives. DT was developed for Design challenges, and has been adapted for customer experiences, and more. Think about your purpose, and have it shape your process.

Also, whichever process you use, look for tools, techniques, and approaches the hit may different styles/modalities: auditory, verbal, cognitive, kinaesthetic, tactual, pictoral, scent-based, etc. DT's focus on prototyping is a great example of kinaesthetic/tactual. Sid Parnes' use of scented cotton balls is a great example of appealing to the olfactory senses. The more styles/modalities you try, the more likely you are to hit something really new and innovative.

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